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Maarten Davidse

* 1987, NL
The more we talk about a space, the more it is influenced by our interpretation of it. Unconsciously we merge our ideas and thoughts with the physical space, and change the way we are able to see, and give meaning to, it.

The ENCI-quarry in Maastricht is a space that is much talked about for years. The ENCI-Stop foundation protested to open the quarry for the public and stop the factories cement production. After years of debate, they managed to get a transformation process started. The ENCI-quarry is now transforming into a public space over a period of multiple years.

The fact that the ENCI-quarry is transforming, tempted a lot of people into thinking big about the possibilities of the space. Proposals were done in the range of a dinosaur fun-park, swimming lake, residential flats, nature reserve etc. Without physically building a new space, it became something. A space of possibility instead of end-result.

Although the end-date of the transformation is not yet determined, it is a shame that the transformation will end eventually. A finished space is not inviting us anymore to think big. It does not ask us “what do you want me to be?” because someone already made it into something.

During the Transformation Festival we will celebrate the fact that the ENCI-area is still transforming. It is not finished, so we will continue to think big about what it can become.
Observations shared on social media and proposals for the ENCI-area