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About us

‘TRANSITION ZONE’ is organised by Stichting In Principio (SIP) in collaboration with Stichting Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij ENCI-gebied (SOME)
Project manager:
-          Krien Clevis (curator/artist/researcher PhD)

Project assistent:
-          Eline Kersten (curator/artist MA)

-          Maarten Davidse (Artist/designer MA)

-         Christy Westhovens

Collaborating partners:
-          Stichting Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij ENCI-gebied (SOME): Peter Mergelsberg (director) and Cecile Hassing (and related parties)
-           Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht/Centre Céramique
-           Universiteit Maastricht
-           Lector ship Autonomy and Public Sphere in the Arts (AOK): Dr. Ruth Benschop (Lector)
-           Kunstacademie Maastricht

Stichting In Principio (SIP)
-          Prof.dr. Eric Moormann (professor Classical Archaeology Radboud University Nijmegen), chairman
-          Meindert Niemeijer (graphic designer), secretary
-          Gerard Kahmann (accountant), treasurer
-          Lidewij de Koekkoek (director Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam), general board member
-          Krien Clevis (kunstenaars/onderzoeker/curator PhD), general board member
KvK-nummer 12052939

Advisory board ‘TRANSITION ZONE’
-           Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan Burgers (professor in Mediterranean Archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/ director of CLUE+, the VU interfaculty research institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage, Amsterdam
-           Dr. Benoît Mater (transitiemanager/Kwartiermaker Romeins Museum, Heerlen)

Participating artists 'TRANSITION ZONE'
Names Fine Arts Graduation
Karel Dicker (2015-2016) www.kareldicker.com 
Miriam Sentler (2015-2016) www.miriamsentler.com
Eline Kersten (2014-2015) www.elinekersten.nl
Emile Hermans (2014-2015) www.emilehermans.com
Christian Berens (2013-2014) www.docking-station.org
Maarten Davidse (2013-2014 Sandberg Instituut, 2014-2016) www.maartendavidse.nl
Simon Weins (2013-2014) www.simonweins.com
Charlotte Koenen (2013-2014, Van Eyck Academie, 2015-2016) www.charlottekoenen.com
Sanne Vaassen (2012-2013, Van Eyck Academie, 2014-2015) www.sannevaassen.com
Joep Vossebeld (2010-2011, Van Eyck Academie, 2015-2016) www.joepvossebeld.com
Charlotte Lagro (2010-2011) www.charlottelagro.com
Participating artists 'PIONEERS'
Namen Kunstopleiding Website
Rod Summers (1943) Van Eyck Academie (1974-1977) www.vecworldservice.net
Jasper Coppes (1983) Gerrit Rietveld (2004-2008)
Van Eyck Academie (2010-2012)
Glasgow MFA (2013-2014)

Chaim van Luit (1985) ABKMaastricht (2007-2011)
Van Eyck Academie (2013-2014)
Bart Lodewijks (1972) St. Joost Breda (1990-1995)
Piet Zwart R’dam (1995-1996)
Sandberg MFA (1996-1998)

Krien Clevis (1960) ABKMaastricht (1979-1984)
Van Eyck Academie (1984-1986)
PhD Arts/Univ. Leiden (2009-13)

Astrid Mingels (1987) ABKMaastricht (2009-2013)
LUCA, Brussel MFA (2013-2014)
Kristina Benkocki (1984) Gerrit Rietveld/University of Arts, Belgrado (2005-2009)
MA Aristic Research KABK, Den Haag (2009-2011)
Van Eyck Academie (2015-2017)
About the curator
Artist/curator/researcher Krien Clevis has developed the concept ‘TRANSITION ZONE’ as part of her Postdoc at the Lector ship Autonomy and Public Sphere in the Arts (AOK) of the Arts Faculty in Maastricht. This concept is an extension of her promotion research. In her thesis ‘LOCVS’ (2013) she investigated the notion and quality of ‘place’, and confronted and contaminated this artistic research with archaeological debates about place. She examined the physical and qualitative characteristics of place, specifically at places with historical meaning. These are changing places, marked by new layers, aspects of time and space that are constantly being overwritten as a process of continuous change. Her research combines historical/archaeological, artistic and personal exploration of locations, with the aim of adding new or alternative meaning to layered places. She is doing this using a relatively new method in the arts, though currently introduced in the fourth field of academia: Artistic Research. The preliminary investigation for this project was done (May 2015 – May 2016) within the context of the Lector ship AOK and fits within her targets.