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The ENCI area seeks to experiment with ‘uniting incompatible dimensions’. But what exactly is the incompatible quality of this place? And for whom, where and in what ways does this incompatibility play a role?

These questions are at the centre of ‘TRANSITION ZONE’, an art and research project in which artists search for the qualities of an old, multi-layered location – one that doesn’t simply reveal itself. The artists research numerous hidden notions of place which more or less can be applied to the on-going transformation process of the ENCI quarry. They do so in close collaboration with parties involved in the transformation process. During one year 12 artists examine the quarry and its users, and will present their research and work at various public moments through guided tours and presentations. In their work, they transform the incompatible dimensions of the ENCI area into elements that are tangible and can be presented, experienced and negotiated. In this way, they co-create new forms for this place in transition: the ENCI as a transition zone towards the future.

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