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Art and research in the ENCI area’s transformation.

TRANSITION ZONE is a project about connections, participation and visibility. It is a project about art and research, and the presentation of their results in situ, in the ENCI area itself. This special location is one in which various experienced notions of place are in fact making particular changes possible.

The interesting fact is that in this transition area all kinds of new places and possibilities are created that are relevant for artistic research in situ. All these places are staffed by various parties or stakeholders, who all have their own interest in the (re)allocation and rearrangement of the ENCI quarry, scheduled to be completed provisionally by 2019. The different stakeholders – including Natuurmonumenten, ENCI employees, new companies, local residents, recreationists, as well as the Maastricht Natural History Museum – all provide their own perspective and create their own notion of place in this way. It is our opinion that in this special location all these various parties can exist side by side, and tell their own story, no matter how controversial it may be. This offers distinct opportunities for artists who take the ‘incompatible’ as starting point for their research and who seek to render this aspect visible, experienceable and negotiable through their work.

To this end, we invited 13 young artists, who will follow the different parties involved for one year. They do so through conversations and giving them a voice, so to speak, which will provide them a basis for their research and work. The status of the research, the collaboration among the various parties and the results will be presented to the public at specific moments, in several qualified and experimental ways. At the same time the public will be invited to participate in these specific events. The results of the artistic research will be presented at an international archaeological conference (EAA), held from 30 August until 3 September 2017 in Maastricht. A sample of the results will be presented in the ENCI quarry during the public programme of the EAA-conference. The final result takes the form of a presentation of the research and the newly produced artworks in the new collections building of the ENCI ‘transition zone’.

The special character of the TRANSITION ZONE project lies in its focus on what is ‘incompatible’, as well as on the creation of ‘visibility’ and the connection of different notions of place, which arise from the various perspectives and combined practices. The artists will utilize and showcase this special character through their art and research.

Krien Clevis Curator TRANSITION ZONE