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Charlotte Koenen

* 1992, NL
Experimenting and understanding matter and how forms come into being are at the centre of my practice. I work from a frame, in which a process starts, after which I withdraw myself. I try to limit my own proceedings, to leave the formal growth to the matter and its relation to the environment. Because I use natural powers, such as gravity, the minor processes refer to larger phenomena. The thickness of the liquids that I use, place my work in another timescale, after which each single change is slow. Air becomes a mass that transfers light dust parts. In my work I try to expose the intensity between the tangible and intangible: they make each other tangible as soon as they are combined and influence each other. This can become visible in the way in which something moves or because of tracks that are the only witness of what happened before. I often choose for long slow processes, that I am unable to follow from the beginning to the end, because of elementary transformation.