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Joep Vossebeld

* 1989, NL
Joep Vossebeld has a sharp eye for the inevitable absurdity, tragedy and irony of all our everyday lives. He translates what he sees and experiences into installations, videos and drawings. These may be shown separately, or in changeable combinations without a loss of the penetrating lightness of observation. On the basis of this work, he also produces meticulously compiled booklets with texts and fragments of his writing.
In order to get better understanding of the ideas and plans around the quarry, I spoke several times to Wiel Schins in the past months. In addition to his extensive knowledge of geology and fossils, his original beliefs about human position in the history of the world and his ideas about politics and business were very enlightening.

The local stories I learned from working with Maastricht Underground, they organise guided tours on and under Mount St. Pete. The contacts with other guides and my own experiences with tourists from different cultures have proved an excellent way to broaden my mind.